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We offer proprietary Business Coaching & Mentoring Programs called “Mentorithms” and “Coach-o-maverix”. Our structured coaching and mentoring programs are for business owners (startups to mature businesses), senior corporate professionals, career minded professionals (from beginners to those planning for transition, exodus, retirement etc.).

The ECAPPLUS Individual Business Leaders and CXO Program cover a wide range of business and behavioral areas and have been responsible for many a business professional’s transformation and growth.

Our programs get together theory and practice in a balanced manner to achieve optimum results. Clear objectives are pre-set before the start of any program and progress/satisfaction is monitored at various intervals to ensure desired results. The benefits of our programs are usually two-fold: Development of capabilities and simultaneous application of the same to the business challenge at hand.

The programs are facilitated by coaches who are experts in their respective fields. And we take pride in ensuring that the right coaches are assigned to the clients at any point of time.

We run a series of case-study training programs related to the topic of scaling up. These training programs are suitable for business owners trying to scale up their enterprises or new entrepreneurs trying to strengthen themselves in the business arena.

We have broadly bundled the services into 3 packages, as detailed below:

A. Organization Capability Building
B. Organization Effectiveness Facilitation
C. Organization Continuity Building

With every coach bringing a minimum experience of 15 years, you can be assured that each organization will be getting nothing than the absolute best.

A dedicated business mentor and executive coach can be a major success factor in driving your business to a higher level. This support will provide you the mentorship you need in accessing the critical tools, techniques and processes to make businesses (irrespective of size, level or stage) to survive and thrive together with objective advice, feedback and guidance on decisions and plans; at the same time coaching the owner and their team to develop the skills, self-belief and personal accountability that is necessary for the business to succeed.

To be effective this support may be required from 6 months to 1 year involving:

  • Initial assessment of Business Needs & Personal Development Needs (2 to 3 hrs)
  • Development of measurable objectives/outcomes for the business Coaching program
  • 360o Feedback through facilitated meeting with key staff members
  • Monthly face to face meetings to work on prioritizing, problem solving, planning and progressing (1.5 to 2hrs)
  • Email, telephone and Skype support between meetings
  • Quarterly review on progress against objectives / revisit strategy & plans

Every business is different and the specific areas a business owner needs support on will vary however typically the coaching and mentoring support will cover the following to a greater or lesser extent depending on the needs:

  • Business Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Performance &
    People Management

  • Business Efficiencies

  • Innovation &

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Maintaining Focus

  • Personal Effectiveness